Winton Captial

The Detail

Winton Capital provides technical and inspirational speakers and make presentations to their staff in their Head Office in Hammersmith. We were the joinery contractor for their 200 seat auditorium. We supplied and fitted curved veneered wall panelling, curved balustrade and a large screen housing for the stage area also complex curved handrails and skirting and a particularly difficult curved, raked, deep dado rail.

The Plan

The timber used was walnut, solid and veneered which was all lacquered using an acid catalyst lacquer which although the auditorium had little or no natural light protected the walnut from the bleaching effect of UV rays.

As well as the specialist work we supplied and fitted the main, sound proofed, entry doors, fitted out the Control Room gallery and had to form the curved stud wall that gave the auditorium it’s particularly good acoustic performance.